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by Piktogram

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This free release contains some of my recent edits and reworks (some call it "remix" but here it's not exactly the same). All those reworks have been made only because i really love the original tracks ! I've tried to respect the source tracks as much as i could... Just giving them another feeling, another vision, another impact.

All those tracks are "handmade mastered" by me.

I will never make any profit of those reworks. It's really just for pleasure. I made it like a tribute, for all the tracks ! And if any of the artists appearing in this free digital release wants me to remove the track because they think it's not promoting them in a good way, then just contact me [ piktogram at gmail dot com ] and i will remove it.


released 21 November 2011
Credits for the original tracks :

- Modeselektor - This (feat Thom Yorke) is an extract from the album "Monkeytown" available here : goo.gl/VyvMX

- Massive Attack - Psyche (feat Martina Topley Bird) is an extract from the album "Heligoland" available here : goo.gl/h3EZa

- Chris Brown - Look at me now (feat Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne) is available here : goo.gl/54G3J

- CocoRosie - Smokey Taboo is an extract from the album "Grey Oceans" available here : goo.gl/jyKb3

- Umebayashi Shigeru - Yumeji's Theme is from the original soundtrack of the Wong Kar Waï's movie "In the Mood for Love" - Available here : goo.gl/gkf6t

- M.I.A - Bad Girls is available here : goo.gl/a2gkl



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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